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Have you ever dreamed about running your own business?

If you are self motivated, honest, hard working, and have a desire to earn income by helping others we ask that you give us a call. The CDP Tracker Licensee program provides you the opportunity to generate "Profits thru Proven Solutions." As your own credit service organization you have the ability to charge whatever you feel your direct market can bare.

Once you enroll your client for your services you will then forward the required documentation and one time processing fee to us and then the processing center will work each file for up to one year from the date of enrollment (unless your company at any time request us to stop). For Example if you desire to accept payments from your client(s) and they fall behind, at your request only they can be temporarily locked out of the system.

CDP Tracker processing center will work as your company's back office and handle the actual tedious process of the credit repair allowing you to spend the majority of your time on your business that earns you the most money; which is bringing on new affiliates and signing up more clients. Simply put CDP Tracker Processing Center provides "The Lion's Share of the work while your company maintains The Lion's Share of the money."

For a full explanation on how to become an authorized Licensee please contact a CDP Tracker new Business Development Manager to schedule a 20 - 30 minute phone presentation. If you feel strongly about the opportunity we suggest not delaying as only a limited amount of new Licensee's are currently available.

Upon your phone presentation make sure your Business Development Manager explains how having the CDP Tracker will help your new business tap into countless advertisement dollars currently being spent in your market area on the same potential client base your company is seeking! Your company will provide the local business community a state of the art sensible customer retention tool designed to allow your affiliates financial opportunity where it normally does not exist. Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


CDP Tracker Processing Center

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