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BMJ&J INC. / CDP Tracker
BMJ&J Inc located in Spring Hill, Florida was founded on April 1, 2005 by the original creator B. Donald Johnson. Mr. Johnson was formerly a proud member of the United States Air Force F-16 Crash & Rescue team located at Mac Dill, AFB in Tampa, Florida. His specialized training in emergency response included search and rescue operations, hazardous materials handling, automotive extraction, first responder life saving techniques, fire suppression both structural and aircraft as well as alarm center 911 emergency dispatch. His training while in the USAF also included many leadership opportunities which led him into the private sector.

Mr. Johnson’s background also includes over twenty plus years of sales, marketing, management, and media buying. These years also provided an extensive history of retail finance. While working for Bill Currie Ford in Tampa he received many sales awards and was recognized by Ford Motor Company as a pioneer in the area of bridging the gap between the worlds of mobility and the world of automotive. As one of the top three leaders in the country Bill Currie Van Factory under Mr. Johnson's leadership served not only the general public in advancing lifestyles thru Conversion Vans, he and his crew also shined in the area of advancing the lifestyles of the Special Needs community.

BMJ&J Inc also became a leader in the credit restoration industry with the release of CDP Tracker. Upon its inception and release CDP Tracker was noted to be amongst the leaders in technology which brought fourth credit repair to the fore front of the business community. Thousands of clients and numerous referring agencies all across the Nation have been enrolled into the CDP Tracker system by authorized licensees in many various locations throughout the United States.

December of 2009 Mr. Johnson stepped down as President and Mrs. Melissa R. Johnson was voted in to take over the day to day operations of the company. Melissa, who was once the company’s Processing Operations Manager, now holds majority shares in the company and has stepped up her abilities in the areas of marketing, training, and brand development. Melissa’s background also includes the remittance processing of large annuities for major corporations and universities across the U. S. and surrounding countries. Her tenure at Met Life also included other various duties ranging from processing to implementing programs to ensure high levels of client satisfaction. Her many years of credit restoration experience combined with her strict attention to detail are imperative attributes towards file processing success.

BMJ&J Inc will continue to always develop new products in a vast array of areas relating to marketing and the credit restoration industry. The company goal is to always remain creative while providing marketing, training, and product development. The CDP Tracker Processing Department will also continue to aggressively provide solutions that will aid the public and business sales & finance in the area of second chance. Being a family owned and operated corporation allows BMJ&J Inc / CDP Tracker to easily concentrate on our efforts to provide good service at reasonable pricing. BMJ&J is extremely proud of the accomplishments and the contributions they have made thru the years and will strive on to keep it readily available for your business needs.

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