Repair, Restore, Reward!

Training and Support

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You will receive an affordable and complete business system that includes:

- Marketing Concepts Templates
- Effective and affordable Direct Mail Campaigns (ask for details)
- Training with Guerilla Marketing Campaigns
- Target Marketing Support and Training
- Guaranteed Refund of Processing Fee to Licensee (Example - if within 1 year CDP Tracker does not improve your client’s credit file we will refund our entire processing fee, no questions asked!)

 Additional Benefits of Joining CDP Tracker…
- CDP Tracker Licensee’s may price credit repair services at their discretion
- CDP Tracker Processing Center will handle all procedures of each credit repair process for one year, including fielding phone correspondence of clients in regards to their personal files (Ask for details)
- Overall Business Training via phone and internet
- Client Agreements that comply with Federal Laws including the Federal Trade Commission standards & guidelines
- Unlimited front end use of our state of the art client tracking system, CDP Tracker™
- Unlimited ongoing Licensee Phone support
- Affiliate protection
- CDP Tracker is a product of BMJ&J Incorporated a Florida Sub Chapter S – Corporation
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