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Joseph Carrillo
CDP Associate
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Attention: Dealer Principles, General Manager's, Finance Directors & Business Owners
Q) If their existed a tool that helped you become more responsible to your advertising dollars, your sales and management staffs time and efforts, and also provided you a more credit worthy  "Be Back" client and it cost you nothing to utilize it:
Would you use it?
A) CDP Tracker: Is a free tool to the business community that serves as a state of the art customer retention program designed to aide with the ever growing credit challenged population. Stop doing business the old fashion way and allow us to create an atmosphere where your sales force time & efforts no longer so frequently go unrewarded. Certainly a morale booster.
Q) How much is your cost per sale? What happened to all the clients who tried to purchase from you only to be told sorry we cannot help you? How much do you spend in manpower, ink, paper, & postage just to send out follow up letters that offer no actual solution towards improving your clients situation of having purchasing power? The National average is currently 3 out of every 10 credit applicants appreciate favorable credit decisions and or flat out denials. Let CDP Tracker help you hold onto the 7 who may have left without a purchase.
A) Every business is different so you do the math as to how much each client who walks thru your doors and each actual sale costs your company. If you can change your mindset away from instant gratification by realizing CDP Tracker offers a program that provides a soft turn down by offering a solution to your consumers credit challenges while your business has the ability to track credit correction throughout the reparation process 24/ 7 via your own online log in. Monitoring is the key so your sales, management & finance team know when to bring the customer back in.  Now your sales force is excited to work the phones. Additional customer retention tools also available.
We ask that you allow us to provide a 5 - 10 minute demonstration on how CDP Tracker can help increase your annual revenue. If your business has a $3000.00 combined front and back profit and you pick up 10 - 20 new deals per month What would that do for everyone's pay plan!
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